Who we are

Black Diamond Sports International are a full service Football agency providing support, guidance and representation to Football players, Managers and Executive across the globe. Our Management group consists of Ex-English Premier League and EFL players, together with over 25 years Executive Business Leadership.  Our person centered approach is at the heart of the business and is a thread running through our decision making processes.  With Coverage across 3 continents and a network across multiple countries and leagues, we have the network and contacts to provide a rounded, professional and progressive service.

Services we provide

At Black Diamond Sports International we pride ourselves on our range of services to our clients.  These include but are not limited to:

Knowing what is important to our clients allows our negotiations on their behalf to be centered around making their lives better. Our team is experienced in all aspects of representation when negotiations with clubs is required.

Through our years of experience, our team are able to offer lived experience to our clients. This is not limited to on field support, but includes vast experience in the importance of Mental Health, Financial Advice and continuity of stability.

Through our partner network, we have, on hand, some of the best professional services in the world to enable us to deal with almost any situation as it may arise.

Representation of Club’s across the globe to find the best talent, ranging from playing staff, to Managers and coaches, and including the highest level executives to support club growth and progress. We act on behalf of the Club to ensure that the search for additions to their team are of the highest caliber, and are a strong fit for the culture and ethics of each club. Mergers and Acquisition Representation are a key part of our services offered. BDS has access to the best Capital groups and professional M&A networks across the world.

Managers & Head Coaches need representation too. Our focus on Managers is important to us. Managers and Head Coaches are the linchpins to on field success at football clubs throughout the world. We believe in a model that allows them to concentrate on their jobs, and we take care of everything else, thus making them more efficient and focused

Just as important in a football club, senior executives can shape the culture and philosophy throughout the club. An externally facing role in a lot of ways, Senior executives have business acumen coupled with football knowledge. Our job is to support current executives and future club executives to ensure they are not only a good fit and represent the wishes of the ownership group or chairman, but also ensure that they have access to our network of support services.

Commercial opportunities for players and Managers are abundant. From sponsorships to representation with causes
which matter to them.

Through our extremely strong network of partners, BDS is able to provide our clients with trusted advice and guidance regarding securing their future through Financial Advice and investment opportunities, securing the future for their families.